Tips To Help Identify When A Mildew Problem Has Turned Into A Serious Issue With Mold In Your Home

There are many different types of mold spores that grow where moisture is found in your home. Usually, these mold spores start as small mildew stains and they are easily cleaned up. The problem with mildew becomes serious when mold begins to spread and become a hazard, which is usually due to moisture issues due to leaks and constant water. Here are some tips to help you identify mold problems that are much more than just small mildew stains:

1. Hidden Leaks Beneath Sinks That Spread and Cause Mold Growth

Sinks are an area where leaks may start, and you may just see mildew; thinking it is only due to moisture. A small leak beneath a sink will provide mold with a constant supply of water, which can eventually lead to hazardous mold spores growing inside walls and slowly taking over your home. If you have to have a leak beneath the sink repaired, look closely for signs of mold growth that may be spreading to other areas of your home. You may need to have repairs done to the mold damage to stop the mold from taking over your home.

2. Flashing Problems That Allows Water to Be Trapped and Mold to Grow

Flashing is the metal materials that is used around decks, siding and on the roof of your home to keep water from getting in where there are cracks. The metal materials can also deteriorate or be damaged, causing leaks that allow water to get into the walls of your home. Every time it rains, more moisture becomes trapped inside the structure of your home, which will allow mold to grow and quickly spread through your home. These problems can cause expensive repair needs because of the extensive damage that mold in the structure that causes damage.

3. Identifying Hidden Plumbing Leaks That Cause Perfect Conditions for Mold

Hidden plumbing leaks cause the perfect conditions for mold to grow. These leaks are usually in walls and will go unnoticed for years. As the moisture is trapped in the structure of your home, mold has the perfect conditions to grow and quickly take over. Condensation from uninsulated pipes in walls can also cause problems with mold that need to be addressed. If you notice water stains that are on exterior walls or ceilings, contact a mold remediation service to test for mold and help identify the source of the problem.

These are some of the issues that you will want to be aware of when it comes to mildew stains that lead to serious mold problems. If you need help with repairs, contact an abatement service, like Colfax Corporation, to help with repairs and improvements to prevent mold problems in your home.