3 Important Aspects Of Truck Trailer Maintenance Often Ignored By Owner-Operators

When you own and operate your own tractor trailer for business purposes, your truck and the trailers you own become your most valuable business assets. therefore, knowing how to properly maintain every point of those assets is important, especially when it comes to the truck trailers. Even though most owner-operator truck drivers know how important trailer maintenance is, many ignore some really important aspects of this responsibility. Take a look at three important, but often disregarded aspects of maintaining the truck trailers you own as  an owner-operator truck driver. 

Check your trailer lights after every trip. 

If you have a light out on your truck trailer, you are pretty much asking for attention from authorities on the highway that can just interfere with you making a timely delivery. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that you take the time to check the trailer lights after every trip. Not only should you be checking the rear lights, but also running and visibility lights along the sides of the trailer as these are more prone to damage than others. If you spot a light that is broken or out, it is well worth the time and investment to have it replaced. 

Clean your truck trailer regularly. 

If there is one maintenance task that is easy to shrug off as unimportant, it is cleaning the trailer because this seems more like a cosmetic thing that really shouldn't matter. However, not keeping the trailer clean can directly cause deterioration of the trailer and shorten its lifespan. The de-icing agents that you will have sprayed all over the trailer at some points in the year and even the debris from the roadway can be enough to cause the surface of the trailer to break down. So it is a good idea to have the trailer cleaned every few trips. 

Check the inside of the trailer for signs of leaks. 

It is all too easy to forget about the all-important interior of a truck trailer when you are doing maintenance checks. However, this could easily be deemed one of the most important areas because this is what houses the product you carry. Make sure you are checking the trailer periodically for signs of leaks by getting inside the trailer and looking for small rays of light because of pinholes in the roof and looking for signs of moisture. Catching these problems early on is the best way to avoid major problems with damaged product during a run.

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