Four Signs It's Time To Replace Your Gutters

Your gutters protect your roof and your home from water damage, and when they are no longer functioning properly, it's time to consider replacing them. Here are just some of the signs to look for that can tell you when it's time to replace your gutters.

Water Pouring Over The Gutters

Gutters should divert water away from your home, but when they are not working, they can cause water to pour over the edges. This results in a sort of downpour around your home, even when the rain isn't that severe. This water can pool around your home, which can potentially lead to leaks in your basement. You may notice this problem in a small section of the gutters, which may mean that you only need a partial replacement. However, if the section where the water pours over from changes throughout a rainstorm, it may be time to replace the entire gutter system.

Rust And Holes

Aluminum gutters can rust and corrode over time, and the rust can eventually create holes in the gutters. This means that water won't be diverted to your downspouts, which can lead to damage to your home. You may be able to see the rust from the ground level, but if you are concerned about small amounts of rust beginning to form, you can hire a contractor to perform an inspection to see how severe the rust problem has become.

Gutters Pulling Away From The Roof

If your gutters are beginning to pull away from the roof, you can first attempt to tighten the fasteners. However, if the problem persists and your gutters won't stay in place, you may have two issues to deal with. The gutters may need to be replaced, and you may also need to replace the fascia that anchors the gutters in place. When your drainage system is leaking, it can lead to fascia boards rotting. This rot prevents the fasteners from staying in place. This problem can also lead to water damage inside the attic or top floor of your home.

Eroded Soil

Whether you have a flower bed surrounding your home or you simply have a lawn that comes up to the edge of your home, you may notice that the soil has become eroded. Your plants may no longer be thriving, and you may have bald patches where grass used to be. This can be caused by water not draining properly from your gutters. Your gutters should divert water to downspouts, which direct water away from your home. When this does not happen, water can pour into the earth around the home.

If you notice any or all of these issues, it's time to consider talking to a contractor or a company like Gutter Magician NKY about replacing your home's gutter system.