Tips for Taking Care of a Woodpecker Problem

When you first see a woodpecker on your property it can be a very neat experience. The bird is extraordinarily beautiful, and the experience is truly great. However, over time the constant wood pecking can be extremely annoying and even cause you to lose sleep. There are a few different ways that you can get rid of the bird, and exterminating the bird is not an option. You want to simply keep the bird away. Here are a few very good ways to keep a woodpecker from destroying your home.

Scare the Woodpecker

A very good way to keep a woodpecker from your home is to use a deterrent. You have seen a scarecrow out in a field or a garden keeping the crows from eating a farmers vegetables. Well, a very similar method can be used to keep woodpeckers away. There are a few very effective deterrents for woodpeckers.

The first is anything that causes noise, such as a wind chime These are extremely effective because the noise will make the bird nervous. Another great deterrent is fake predatory bird such as a hawk or an owl. The decoy can scare off the woodpecker extremely effectively. Put the decoy out in the open so the woodpecker can see it. You can find more woodpecker deterrents or pest control solutions through services like Decorative Foam and Stone.

Food Source

The woodpecker is likely pounding on your home or your nearby trees because you have a problem with insects. The best way to get rid of the woodpecker is to get rid of the pests. Hire a pest control company to come and exterminate the bugs so you effectively take away the birds food source.You may also want to consider putting out birdseed. The birdseed will encourage the bird to be around, because they truly are beautiful, but discourage the bird from pounding on your house and trees. Another effective method is to plant fruit trees to allow the bird a meal, but keep property damage to a minimum. 

Fix Your Home

Something many people do not know is a woodpecker can actually attract other woodpeckers. So, when you see damage that is done by a woodpecker it is very important that you fix the problem. The most common is the holes in your trees or in your home. The first thing that you should do is fill in the holes with a plaster. These holes can attract other bugs and other woodpeckers onto the home. If you see any damage caused by a woodpecker, fix it as soon as possible.