Helping Your Fabric To Quit Smoking: How To Get The Smoke Smell Out Of Your Fabric Items


If you have had a fire in your home then you are more than likely left with a lot of fabric that now harbors the smell of smoke. It will be very expensive to replace all the fabric items in your house, so you'll want to do what you can to just get the smell out. You can learn some tips for removing the smoke damage from fabrics in this article:

Start by getting the soot out

Before you even start working on the odor, you want to begin by removing the soot and any other debris that is on your fabric items. You should take things like curtains, table cloths and rugs outside and shake them out as best you can. After that, you can use the hose end of a vacuum cleaner and gently go over them to remove the soot. Try not to touch the end of the hose to the material or it can cause the soot to smear all over the fabric.

Work on removing the smoke smell

Once you have removed as much of the soot as possible, then you can start working on getting the smoke smell out of the fabric. You may want to invest in large plastic bins so you can properly soak everything. You want to fill the bins with warm water and a good cleaning solution. Put the fabric items in the bins and soak them overnight. After you have allowed them to properly soak, then you can try washing them as you normally would. It is important for you to understand that smoky smelling fabric items may need to be washed anywhere from one to five times before you can no longer smell the smoke.

You may want to have clothing steam cleaned

Once you remove the soot from clothing, so it won't smear and get worse during transport, you may want to consider having the clothing cleaned by a professional cleaner who will more than likely steam clean everything to remove the smell.

Be careful with your carpeting

If you feel your carpeting can be saved and you want to get the soot out yourself, you will again want to use the hose end of the vacuum without touching it to the carpet. Make sure you don't walk on any soot or you can grind it into the carpet and make things worse. If you are going to use a steam cleaner you need to go with a cleaning solution that doesn't create a lot of foam, or you can make things worse. You may need to go over the carpet a few times before you notice the smell is gone.

You may need to go with a professional

Depending on the amount of fabric you have affected and how bad the situation was, you may want to turn the job over to professionals who can help you remove the smoke smell properly, possibly saving you many items.