Spotting A Mold Problem In Your Bathroom

Mold grows in damp, moist spaces, and that means your bathroom can be a perfect breeding ground. If you suspect you may have a problem with mold in your bathroom, here are a few things to look for.


If you spot condensation on the ceiling or walls, this may be a sign that there's a larger problem at hand. This is particularly true if you've had issues with condensation for some time. Look for water beading on the ceiling, and check the walls for moisture on the surface. In some cases, any wallpaper you have in the bathroom may begin to peel as a result of humidity and condensation in the room.

Black Spots

You may begin to notice mold visibly growing in the room. Black spots on the ceiling or walls can be an indication of mold starting to form, or it might be a sign that even more mold is on the other side of the wall or ceiling. If you spot the start of mold growth in your bathroom, you can use a mixture of bleach and water to remove it. However, this solution should be used on nonporous surfaces that won't simply absorb the cleaning agent. This might include your tub or tiles.

Musty Smell

Mold can sometimes have a musty odor. If you notice this smell in your bathroom, it may be time to consider having the room inspected for mold growth. Even if you can't see the mold, it may be behind your walls or under your flooring. The smell can be a good indicator that your home is experiencing a mold problem.

Allergy Symptoms

Sometimes your body can be the best alert system you have against mold. If anyone in your home suffers from allergies or respiratory problems, his or her symptoms may suddenly become more severe. If you or a family member starts experiencing itchy, irritated skin, wheezing, coughing, or shortness of breath on a regular basis, it may be time to consider calling a mold remediation specialist. Of course, you should seek medical treatment first to help ensure the safety of everyone living in your home.

A mold remediation specialist can conduct mold testing, determine which type of mold is growing in your home, and take steps to fix the problem. The humidity and use of water in your bathroom can make for an ideal mold breeding ground. Talk to your mold expert to look for ways to prevent the mold from coming back as part of your remediation services.