2 Things To Be Aware Of When Fixing A Hydraulic Cylinder

If you have decided to fix a hydraulic cylinder on your own, there are a few things that you need to watch out for to ensure that you don't damage your hydraulic cylinder and there are a few things other things that you can check out as you are working to ensure the overall quality of your machine.

Inspect All Parts

As you are taking apart your machine to get to the hydraulic cylinder, use the opportunity to your advantage. As you take apart your machine, inspect all the parts that you encounter along the way. Check these parts for wear and tear to see if any of these parts also need to be serviced or replaced as you work on the hydraulic cylinder. When you have access to these parts already is a good time to fix them.

One part that you should pay especially close attention to is the rod. Make sure that the rod is uniform all the way around, and lacks any cracks, pitting or scoring. If it is not uniform, has cracks, pitting or scoring on it, you may want to spend some time replacing it while you have your machine taken apart while you are working on the hydraulic cylinder.

Having solid working parts all around will help extend the life of your hydraulic cylinder.

Use The Seal Grooves as Guides

If you don't have access to your owner's manual which should tell you what size seals to purchase for your hydraulic cylinder, you need to use the seal grooves on your machine as a guide for ordering new seals.

To determine the size of your new seals, measure the diameter of your seal grooves. The seal grooves are metal and are located on the actual machine. The seal grooves are good to use as a guide because they are not going to get worn down or warped like the actual seals. It is not a good idea to use the actual seals as a guide on what size seal to order because they can easily change size and shape over time; the seal grooves, on the other hand, will retain their shape over time and are a better indicator of what type of seals you need to purchase.

When you change out a seal on your hydraulic cylinder, make sure that you use the seal grooves as a guide to help you determine the size of the seal you need to purchase. Also, as you remove parts to get to the seals, make sure that you inspect all parts for wear and tear and make any additional repairs at the same time. Contact a company, like HyVal Industries Inc , for more help.