5 Reasons the Moisture Levels in the Basement Can Become Out of Control

Signs of moisture in the basement is a huge red flag. It means facing possible foundation repairs, water damage, and more, which are all expensive repairs that no homeowner wants to have to take on unexpectedly. This is why any signs of moisture in the basement needs to be taken head on. Here are five reasons moisture levels in the basement can change:

Replace or Seal the Dryer Vent: One of the most common reasons homeowners notice sudden signs of moisture in the basement is because their dryer is blowing all the moist air into the basement rather than outside of the home. This typically happens when the dryer vent is blocked, has a hole, or needs to be replaced. You can fix it by either sealing the vent so it's completely enclosed or replacing it altogether. 

Sump Basin is Open: If the sump basin is open at all, it's going to allow moisture into the space. The sump basin needs to have a lid that is completely sealing the sump basin. This means that the lid needs to be one screws into space so that it creates a tight seal where no moist air can get through. 

Water Seepage: Water seeping into the basement from the outside of the home is a huge problem that needs to be fixed. The best way to resolve this is to hire basement waterproofing experts. They can determine where the sources of the seepage are and could be in the future to guarantee that these areas are waterproofed and you no longer need to worry that any amount of rain fall or a flood is going to cause serious damage to your home. 

Leak in the Plumbing: A leak in the plumbing fixtures in your basement can be a problem, as well because they mostly go unnoticed for a long period of time. To prevent this altogether, the plumbing in the basement needs to be inspected regularly by professionals. This way, a small leak is detected and fixed before it becomes a major issue. 

Unsealed Windows: Finally, the windows connected to your basement can be a problem. Since they are most likely level with the ground, it becomes an issue because if it's not sealed properly, any amount of water can make it's way into your home easily. Be sure that you have the windows sealed properly or install new ones. 

These are just five reasons why the moisture levels in the basement can get out of hand and why it's so important that you take notice right away. Contact services such as J & D Waterproofing to learn more.