Dry Out Your Water-Soaked Carpet Fast to Prevent Mold

When you think of a home with water damage, an image of a home flooded by a storm may come to mind. While that's a serious situation, your home can be damaged by much less water too. A toilet, tub, or sink that overflows allows water to seep into the floor or soak into carpeting in a nearby room. While it's not a lot of water, it can still do serious damage if it isn't dried out fast. Here's a look at what to do if your carpet is soaked with water.

Call a Water Damage Specialist

If you want to save the carpet, call a water damage specialist as soon as you see the problem. They have the equipment needed to pull water out of the carpet, and they have the experience to know if the carpet needs to be pulled up and dried out or if it can dry in place after being treated. Water can be pulled out of carpeting with a wet vac, but the concern is with the soaked padding and flooring underneath. If it can't dry out fast enough, it may start to mold.

It might be necessary to pull up the carpet and take it outside to dry in the sun if possible. The padding can then be taken up and replaced once the floor underneath it is dry. Wet carpet is extremely heavy, so dealing with it may require a crew unless you don't want to save it and it can be cut into smaller pieces.

Move Things Off the Carpet While You Wait

While waiting on the water damage professionals to come to your home, you can try to mop up and soak up water with towels as much as possible. Also, get everything off of the carpet if you can, such as lamps, books, rugs, and coffee tables. Move heavy furniture to another room if possible so there's nothing left on the carpet to damage it while it's in a wet condition.

Don't forget to use safety precautions when working on wet carpet. You probably don't have GFCI outlets in a room with carpeting and you might get a shock unplugging lamps or a television. You may want to leave electrical cords alone until the cleaning crew arrives or turn off the electrical supply at the circuit panel so you can work safely in the room. Also, if you find the water damage a few days after it happened, mold could already be growing. If you smell mildew in the room or see mold, you may want to leave the room alone until the water damage specialists arrive to clean up the mess.

Once the carpet has mold growing on it or under it, it probably won't be possible to save it. Instead, it will need thrown out. If the carpet needs to go, you should wear protective gear to protect against inhaling mold spores while working, so leaving the work to a specialist is the safe thing to do.

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