6 Big Factors That Make Foundation Repair Costs High

Anyone looking for foundation repair solutions has likely run into the seemingly high costs that accompany the job. Given the relative hazards each project may impose, it's important to keep in mind why foundation repair expense can be so much. By breaking things down into chunks, you can appreciate what's driving the price.


Almost anything that adds a degree of assurance to a project is apt to push the cost up. In many regions, foundation repair services contractors are expected to be licensed. They may also be required to obtain bonds and carry insurance. If the company includes any type of guarantees on workmanship and materials, you can anticipate paying more.


Even the simplest foundation repair projects typically call for some amount of equipment. From hand-pumped jacks to hydraulic lifts, it can take a lot to raise a structure up in order to do fixes the right way. It's not unusual for major issues to demand the use of a crane. A job may even call for a fair amount of excavation.


Most foundation repair efforts are not one-person affairs. The larger the area that needs fixing, the more likely additional labor will have to be brought in. When you add in the possibility that heavy equipment may be needed, specialized labor costs can drive prices up significantly.


Concrete and masonry work is difficult in its own right, and costs tend to rise as more specific materials are brought in for a project. If, for example, you're trying to match the existing look of a foundation, the contractor may have to go to lengths to find a supplier that provides everything needed. Add more costs for the insertion of supporting materials, such as rebar.

Engineering and Consulting

If a unique engineering challenge is presented by a project, the foundation repair services provider may need to bring in engineers and consultants to determine what has to be done. In some cases, it may even be necessary to hire an architect.

Additional Contractors

Foundation problems rarely occur in isolation. It's common for the source of an issue to be outside the prescribed domain of a Foundation Repair Solutions provider. Runoff from the roof may be causing water to get into the foundation, and a company may refuse to guarantee foundation repair work unless a gutter system is installed. Drainage may also have to be put in by contractors.