Should You Restore Or Replace An Inherited Industrial Boiler System?

When you buy a property and building where your industrial operation will be housed, you can inherit a lot of existing fixtures at that property that may or may not be of any use. One thing you are bound to inherit along with an older used building is a boiler system that was once used in the facility. A lot of business owners go in and rip out these old boiler systems without giving them much consideration. However, many old boiler systems of industrial stature can be fully restored to be functional. Here is a look at a few questions you should ask to determine if you should restore or replace an inherited industrial boiler system. 

Does the boiler system seem to have all of its parts and components?

An industrial boiler system will consist of many different parts and elements, but those parts and elements should be there if you are considering restoring the system. Make sure the main boiler unit appears complete and look at any extended radiators and lines to ensure they are intact. Boilers that are missing a few pipes here or there can usually still be restored, but the main components must be present because the producers of these boilers are usually long gone and out of business, so getting a main component for restoration can be out of the question. 

Does the boiler unit have any major damages?

There are some types of damages to an old industrial boiler that will be no big deal. For example, if there are a few broken steam-release valves, these can be easily replaced by an industrial boiler repair professional. However, if there are other major issues, such as a water holding tank that is rusted so bad that there are holes in it, the boiler system may not be restorable. 

Was the boiler system used for a purpose that will fit into your business?

Industrial boiler systems can always have multiple purposes in an industrial setting. Some will be there purely to provide heat to the building. Others may be there to provide heat for the building, steam for equipment, and hot water. If it appears the old boiler unit once served a purpose for a business that is similar to something you would need from a boiler, it may be worth restoring the unit. On the other hand, if the boiler system is set up in a way that would not coincide with your business functions, it may be illogical to restore the unit. Contact an industrial boiler repair service for further help.