3 Ways To Brighten Up Your Small Kitchen

If your kitchen is small and dark, it's far more difficult to enjoy spending time in there. You don't need to complete a full renovation to brighten your kitchen and make it feel larger than it is. Here, you'll find a few tips that can help you do just that.

Wall Color

Small rooms should never be painted darker shades—the smaller the room, the lighter the shade. The lighter shades will make the room feel much larger than it is.

The type of paint that you choose will also make a difference. Flat paint will not reflect light at all and will be difficult to keep clean in the kitchen. Glossy paint is just far too shiny for the kitchen. If you choose satin or eggshell finish, you'll end up with a beautiful, reflective finish that is easy to wipe clean whenever you need to.


There are so many possibilities for what to do with the cabinetry in your kitchen. If you don't like your set-up at all, you can have it all removed and start from scratch with custom cabinetry.

If you're looking for a little more cabinet space, you don't need to jump right on installing new cabinets throughout the kitchen, but you can add a custom-made cabinet to fulfill the needs that you may have—like a baking station.

Another option that works well in smaller kitchens is the open cabinet look. Instead of keeping the doors on all of the upper cabinets, you remove the doors and leave the cabinets exposed. You can then add small lighting strips in the top and illuminate the area. This will increase the look of the size of the kitchen and brighten things up greatly.

Tip: To add a splash of color, you can install wall paper or laminate on the back of the inside of the cabinet, or even paint the inside of them.


You don't want dark corners in your small kitchen. You can pick up small pin lights that plug directly into your outlets and can be pointed in the direction in which you need to light up. These lights use very little electricity and can be found to automatically turn on when it gets dark and off when the sun comes out.

Take a trip to your local home improvement store and just take a walk around. Get some ideas and then begin discussing what you want to do with your local professionals.