Maintaining Marble Surfaces

Marble is a common material for use in countertops and floors. This material will have many pleasing aesthetic qualities, and it is very durable. However, improper care can significantly reduce the quality of the marble's appearance.

Regularly Clean The Marble Surfaces

Marble is extremely prone to developing stains. Frequent marble cleanings are necessary to prevent these stains from forming and to remove any of them that are able to form. For marble surfaces that are used on a frequent basis, it may be necessary to clean them every few months. Waiting for long periods of time between cleanings can allow the stains to set into the marble, which will make them far more difficult to remove.

Avoid Damaging The Marble During The Cleaning Process

Unfortunately, there are cleaning products that can be extremely harsh on marble. These substances can leave etchings in the marble that may permanently change its appearance. Furthermore, these substances can cause the surface of the marble to become brittle and faded. When cleaning your marble, a gentle cleaning agent, such as dish soap or specially designed marble cleaner, should be used. Also, spot testing should be done to ensure the cleaning agent will be compatible with the marble before it is applied over most of the exterior.

Inspect The Marble After Cleaning It

Chips and cracks can be a common issue for the surface of your marble. While there are many different marble repair kits that can be used to address these damages, individuals will often wait too long to make these repairs. After thoroughly cleaning the surface of the marble, you should perform a comprehensive inspection for chips and cracks. These damages will be easier to see after cleaning the surface, and most repair kits will require the surface to be thoroughly cleaned.

Protect The Marble With Coatings Or Covers

There are a couple of options available for helping to protect your marble from damage. Applying a protective finish to the stone can be one extremely effective option. However, when these coatings are used on marble surfaces that see frequent use, they can degrade very rapidly. As a result, new coatings must be applied every few months to these areas to keep the marble safe from staining. A protective cover can be another option, but this will block the view of the marble. Therefore, you may not always want to use this covering, but it can be an effective form of protection when the marble is going to see heavier than normal use, such as when cooking or hosting a gathering.