Reasons Why You Should Have Your Wet Basement Dried Out And Waterproofed

If your basement has problems with dampness and a wet floor, then you be thinking about having it waterproofed. A wet basement is never a good thing and if you can't fix the problem by cleaning your gutters and fixing condensation problems, you should hire a contractor to take a look at the situation. Here's why you don't want to put up with a wet basement.

Mold Might Grow Due To Dampness

One big problem with water and dampness is the growth of mold. If your basement has a mildew odor, there's probably mold growing somewhere even if you can't see it. If your basement is partially finished with insulation on the walls to help with condensation, then it's possible mold could be growing behind the insulation. If you have a problem with a wet basement, it's important to fix the source of the problem before doing things like putting up insulation. A contractor can help you determine if the water is coming from condensation inside or if it's coming through the walls from the outside.

Your Storage Boxes Might Be Ruined

If you keep boxes in your basement with clutter or seasonal decorations, they might be ruined when your basement is too wet even if the boxes are elevated so they aren't sitting in water. The belongings inside the boxes could grow mold and the boxes could deteriorate due to dampness. Dampness attracts bugs like silverfish, and they can do a lot of damage to paper goods and cardboard. If you plan to keep anything in your basement, you want to make sure the basement stays dry.

Stagnant Water Is Unsanitary

Even clean water that comes out of your faucet can be unsanitary when it sits for days. If your basement floor gets wet and takes a long time to dry out, the water and floor could become unsanitary and that could be a cause for concern if you have kids that might go in the basement. Plus, stagnant water usually has a foul odor and that can waft up to the upper levels of your home. A contractor will determine why your basement is wet and if it is an ongoing problem installing a sump pump could be the answer. That way water that gets inside drains toward a pump that pushes the water back outside. This keeps your basement floor dry enough that you can use it as a storage space or safe recreational area for your kids.

For more information, get in touch with a basement waterproofing contractor.