3 Ways To Brighten Up Your Small Kitchen

If your kitchen is small and dark, it's far more difficult to enjoy spending time in there. You don't need to complete a full renovation to brighten your kitchen and make it feel larger than it is. Here, you'll find a few tips that can help you do just that. Wall Color Small rooms should never be painted darker shades—the smaller the room, the lighter the shade. The lighter shades will make the room feel much larger than it is. [Read More]

Should You Restore Or Replace An Inherited Industrial Boiler System?

When you buy a property and building where your industrial operation will be housed, you can inherit a lot of existing fixtures at that property that may or may not be of any use. One thing you are bound to inherit along with an older used building is a boiler system that was once used in the facility. A lot of business owners go in and rip out these old boiler systems without giving them much consideration. [Read More]

6 Big Factors That Make Foundation Repair Costs High

Anyone looking for foundation repair solutions has likely run into the seemingly high costs that accompany the job. Given the relative hazards each project may impose, it's important to keep in mind why foundation repair expense can be so much. By breaking things down into chunks, you can appreciate what's driving the price. Assurances Almost anything that adds a degree of assurance to a project is apt to push the cost up. [Read More]

Dry Out Your Water-Soaked Carpet Fast to Prevent Mold

When you think of a home with water damage, an image of a home flooded by a storm may come to mind. While that's a serious situation, your home can be damaged by much less water too. A toilet, tub, or sink that overflows allows water to seep into the floor or soak into carpeting in a nearby room. While it's not a lot of water, it can still do serious damage if it isn't dried out fast. [Read More]